31st Magic Weekend 2017

Scandic Star Hotel, Lund,6-8 oktober

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4 Lectures!

All magicians with a Silver Card or Gold Card registration are entitled to enjoy four star lectures:



Hocus Focus - Choose 1 of 4 lectures

Saturday morning you will have the opportunity to focus for 85 minutes, on one subject of special interest to you.

There is a limited number of seats in each of the lectures and they will be assigned in a 'first come, first served' fashion as you register for the convention.

You can choose one of the following 4 lectures:


1) Kids Magic - Quentin Reynolds, England

Quentin Reynolds is one of the UK’s leading family entertainers.  His lecture teaches you how to get more and better reactions from the routines you already do, plus simple professional routines from his own working repertoire.


2) Psychic Reading - Andreas Seebring, Sweden

andreassebring1 500

Those of you interested in mentalism and Psychic Reading are all welcome to this lecture/workshop. We will discover the skills of Psychic Reading together! This lecture will be held in Swedish.


3) Coin Session - Auke van Dokkum, Holland


Auke van Dokkum will share his insights in contemporary coin magic with his fellow coin magicians.


4) Stage Magic - Nestor Hato, France

nestorhato500 1

Learn from the current European Champion in Manipulation Nestor Hato. He will use his award winning act to teach you things he have discovered and used in creating his act; from theory to craft, about staging, logistics, training, history and much more. You will not learn to do his act, but his thinking behind it and hopefully you will be inspired to work in a similar creative way with your own act. We promise great magic, insight and surprises!


We will all have an opportunity to take part in all the remaining lectures in the Theatre Uarda:


Leif Olberius, Sweden

leifolberius2 500

Leif Olberius is an actor and a magician who has also directed many magic acts, he will teach you how to use theatre and theatrical elements to put a show together. What to use and what not to use and why. The lecture will be performed in Swedish.



Luke Jermay, England

Jermay1 500

Luke Jermay will give you the power to appear to read minds! Specifically, in detail with no stooges, cold reading or preshow work.  Jermay will teach in detail; material so powerful  it will have even the most skeptical audience member scratching their head in disbelief.


Miguel Angel Gea, Spain


Miguel Angel's lecture studies the construction in Card Magic, as well as Spanish Coin Magic.



3 Exclusive Lecures

In addition, Gold Card registrants will attend another series of three star lectures:


Dani DaOrtiz, Spain


Diabolical new Dani DaOrtiz's effects and psychology in magic. 100% DaOrtiz


Vlad Kryvonogov, Ukraine

vlad2 500

"How to create something new!" Vlad Kryvonogov, who is world famous for doing magic manipulation with his feet, talks about how you can create new tricks or a new act. Interesting examples and explanations are promised...


Christian Engblom, Finland


Christian Engblom will discuss how you can make your magic stronger. He will present theories, tricks and practical examples in card magic.


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Artists 2017

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