3 Lectures

If you have a Gold Card or a Silver Card you are welcome to enjoy the following 3 star lectures:

Bond Lee

"REBORN" by Bond Lee
In this lecture, we will focus on amazing & original stage manipulation and close up magic. For stage magic, we will talk about technique, gimmicks, routines and theory, material include cards, balls, roses, fire, silks and canes. In the close up session, we will be sharing some powerful close up magic routines which Bond uses in his professional life, material include: Rubik's wall, TIME, Card to Impossible, Black Hole, etc.
This lecture will allow you experience unique technique and ideas from Asia, which might change you magic forever! Join us and experience "REBORN".

Martin Eisele

Martin is specialized in close up magic and is well known for his matrix effects. He will show and teach you some of his creations. In addition to that, he will talk about his revolutionary invention for card magic, which allows you to perform real miracles at ease!

Jahn Gallo

S*it they lost my baggage!  What now!
Simple solutions to complicated problems!

Jahn Gallo has had a long international career taking him literally all around the world. He has lectured for magicians in many countries including France, Portugal and South Africa. 
We are proud to present his show and lecture to Scandinavian magicians.

2 Exclusive Lectures

In addition, Gold Card registrants can attend an additional series of three star lectures:

Hocus Focus Lectures - Gold Card only

This programme item lets you focus on your special interest. You can choose either Nikola Arkane's lecture on Kids Magic or Andreas Seebring's lecture on Psychic Reading or Erik Nordvalls lecture on the Memorized Deck. They are presented at the same time in 3 different rooms.