5 Lectures

If you have a Gold Card or a Silver Card you are welcome to enjoy the following 5 star lectures:

Ben Hart

Ben Hart is on of the UK’s most televised and creative magicians and magic consultants. His theatrical magic challenges the public’s perception of magic and is original and rooted in storytelling. In this lecture, Ben will perform and explain full working routines from his shows and will describe what makes them truly magical.

Fay Presto

Fay Presto is arguably Britain's premier close-up magician. Voted The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year 2012 and Fay has been personally requested to entertain HM The Queen on no less than six occasions. Her powerful personality-based magic and ability to connect with an audience has set a standard within the magic industry.

Ensemble Mystique

The 4 members of the Mystique ensemble gives a lecture about how to develope your creative process. They share insights in their work to create new routines and shows and how the group utilize the knowledge and experience of its members. In addition to the ideas behind their shows, they will also give you concrete ideas on how you can work to develope your own routines and shows.

TED Talk

We are planning a TED Talk type of lecture where 3 speakers, each talk for 10 minutes over the same topic.

More info coming ....

Hocus Focus Lectures

This programme item lets you focus on your special interest. You can choose either Russ Brown's lecture on Kids Magic or Andreas Seebring's lecture on Psychic Reading or Stuart MacDonalds lecture on storytelling magic. They are presented at the same time in 3 different rooms.

3 Exclusive Lectures

In addition, Gold Card registrants can attend an additional series of three star lectures: